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Product 9/26
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B440FX Baseboard

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Model: BBUC04A
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs
Manufactured by: Intel Corporation
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Intel B440FX (Buckeye) Baseboard

Feature Summary

  • The baseboard system architecture is based on thePentium Pro processor and the Intel 82440FX PCIset.
  • The System is partitioned into two modules: a dual   Pentium Pro processor/Memory/PCI bridge   subsystem (all contained on a processor board) and   a baseboard that contains the I/O system and a   connection to the processor board.
  • Partitioning the server in this way places all high   speed interconnects on the same board, eliminating   the need for connectors.
  • System design based on Intel 82440fx PCIset and   I/O APIC.
  • Support for up to 1GB of memory using 72-bit   buffered dual inline memory module (DIMM)   devices.
  • Primary and secondary PCI segments. The primary   PCI bus is compliant with revision 2.1 of the PCI   specification. The primary PCI bus, with four   expansion slots (one shared with ISA0), is provided   via the host bridge. The secondary segment, with two slots, is provided via the PCI-to-PCI bridge.
  • Three ISA slots (one shared with PCI) and PCI   Compatibility I/O (serial, parallel, mouse, and   keyboard).
  • Onboard PCI I/O, including SCSI, IDE, Video, and   LAN controllers.
  • Server management features, including thermal/voltage and ECC monitoring.
  • Flash BIOS support for all of the above

Intel Part Number: 645520-xxx

Intel MM#: 812861

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 April, 2005.